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I'm a writer, but I am taking all of my previous works off of LJ. I might put them on again later, but at this moment I'll just leave them on AO3. If you want to check it out you can. My user name is J_Ackles.

And here's a little extra for those of you who like it: MPREG.

Also please notice, that if you like something you should probably take it, because I delete posts randomly off of my journal.

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So I hope you all know that Destiel isn't my thing, but this weekend I was feeling super open-minded about it so I asked on tumblr why do people ship it. Crazy right? And some people had some really good answers, one just posted a video, and it was all nice and stuff. To be honest, the video just made me laugh because seriously a majority of the reasons could be applied to Wincest, but that's another thing for another day.
But the one that annoyed me said to "just watch the show". Like what the fuck? Do they think I just randomly started asking about the show without watching? Like shut the fuck up with that shit. I watch the show, and I still don't see anything between them. If I see anything I only see the forced wannabe homo-ness between Dean & Cas (and if you use 2 S's you're a butt), some real friendly moments, and that's it. I don't see Destiel at all. But whatever. I was trying to widen my shipping horizon, but it didn't work and I'm okay with that. Wincest is all I need. Also if it seems like I'm hating on Destiel I apologize, but then again it is a young baby ship when compared to Wincest. Just saying. (stupid shoulder shrugging)
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Happy B-Day to Moi

So today is my birthday and the only people that actively remembered was my family. My mom even sent me a Happy Birthday text, and she hates texting. The thing is none of my friends even knew it was my birthday even though Facebook tells you, and I would understand if they didn't go on FB a lot, but they do. It doesn't really bother me, but I hate the fact that my cousin told them it was my birthday and they had "verify it via Facebook".
I wish they hadn't all jumped on the chance to wish me a "Happy Birthday, Catherine!!" after it was told to them. I'd rather you not point out the fact that you don't know my birthday than have you be told about it and than try to shower me with love. It's hard to explain, but that's how I am.
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The Greatest Questions On Human Nature

Besides the obvious question of Nature vs. Nurture I believe that another good question is, What makes a killer? Or even a serial killer! The question remains the same: what makes people kill other people? After we answer that we can then go on to the question that makes me even angrier is, What makes a pedophile? What makes someone do those evil, EVIL, things to innocent children who haven't yet begun to really live, you know. I'm not supposed to believe in the Death Penalty, because I'm a Catholic, and I DO believe that only God ( The One & Only G-O-D) can judge us, but I find them as an exception, or something of that nature. They just make me seriously angry with people in general. Imagine what it must feel like to be their parent though. . . Food for thought. (What?!)

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